Women's Collection

Our Women’s Oudh collection offers an exquisite range of fragrances that combine the deep and intoxicating essence of Oudh with delicate, floral notes and hints of vanilla and musk. Each fragrance is carefully crafted to create a harmonious blend that embodies femininity and sophistication. Whether you prefer a soft and romantic scent or a bold and empowering aroma, our Women’s Oudh collection offers a variety of options to suit every woman’s individual style and preference. 


Think eternal youth, serenity and charisma that leaves and impression of being subtle ans soft! Ayin-e-Mahdiyah greets you with a tender composition of lemon,apple,peach and absinthe as it’s top notes with rose ,tea leaves and jasmine in its core.All og these laying at the base of cashmerer accords,amber,vanilla and musk.

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