Fakhar al Oudh

When you think about a woody fragrance, you may not really consider it the source of pleasure. However, did you even realize that wood is considered one of the most expensive natural raw ingredients in the world? It’s named ‘oud’ and oud-based aromas are making a significant value in the world of fragrance. Oud itself has a long, rich, and renowned history. If you are passionate about fragrances, you’ll realize that oud is a desirable and popular scent.

Oud is driven from the tropical agar (Aquilaria) tree and can be grown naturally in the Middle East. It is thought to have begun in Assam, India. At the point when the agar tree gets contaminated by the parasites, the tree creates a dull, thick, and fragrant tar which gets fixed and eventually becomes the source of oud. Oud is particularly high priced because the parasitic mold only attacks trees of its random nature, that is why very little oud is produced. Given how oud is ancient and popular, it is an exclusive fragrance for people who want to feel like royalty.

Business idea

The main idea behind launching Fakhar ul oud was to reintroduce traditional oud in Pakistan with a blend of modernism and to revive the Sunnah of gifting fragrances on different occasions. The experimentation with this uncommon blend brought in an increased interest of people toward modified Eastern aromas, which will always be a great source of pleasure. They vary from light fresh flowery fragrances to heavy musk, which is extremely pleasant and charming. They are a treat for the senses and are valued by our customers. We invest our focus only in making the highest quality fragrances for our customers. We believe that aromas and flavors are essential elements for the prosperity of mankind.


Our vision is to have a distinct, successful, and respectable position in the fragrance world. Our brand is committed to delivering the exotic fragrance around the globe. Our aim is to improve and sustain the traditions, values, and natural beauty of every woman and man.